Grow vegetables inside house with Smart Garden 9

We are facing a crunch in space due to massive real estate activities mushrooming here and there. To build a garden is becoming a dream for many urban dwellers due to lack of space for it. Even they can’t give the time required to look after their plants in the garden. Click and Grow has developed a new product called Smart Garden and solved the issues of gardening.
Now you can grow vegetables, fruits and herbs inside your house with the help of this new innovative product. At present, it has been priced at $129 on Kickstarter. It contains a pod system with holes for placing the plants; high end LED lighting system to provide light to the plants and is fitted with a reservoir to store water for the plants. This combined kit can simultaneously sustain 9 plants and can even water it automatically.
With easy to use mechanism, one doesn’t have to put much effort in operation and maintenance of the system. At first, the tank is to be filled with water. Then you can place the required amount of soil and seeds in the small pods. After this, you have to turn the system and the LED lights automatically illuminate. The light level has to be increased once the plants grow bigger. It also comes with seedless pods to help the user.
The founder of Click and Grow, Mattias Lepp who used to be in the field of orchestra during the beginning of career shifted to IT domain. Virtually ending up with what he likes the most i.e. plant cultivation. Due to his visionary and innovative thinking, we can even grow fruits or vegetable inside our house.
After conducting a survey the company came to know about the requirement of the customers. They require a bigger system to grow more plants. Hence, the company came up with new product only for its valuable customers. Not only the big size is the added advantage but the pollution level is less due to LED lights. These lights are very helpful for photosynthesis.
The product is set to be available in the market by July this year.

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