OnePlus 3T VS Google Pixel XL Review and Specs

Smartphones come and go. There was once a time when the entire world was excited about Samsung’s Galaxy Series and the iPhones and all other phones never quite made the mark compared to these Smartphone Gods. But now there are hundreds of phone companies trying to kill each other with the newest and most advanced Smartphone technology with heavily slashed prices that are almost impossible to believe. The average middle-class individual today seems happy to settle for one of these instead of going for the latest Galaxy or an iPhone that seem perfectly happy chugging out new models every other day priced at $700-$800, maybe even more.
The thing about these expensive phone models is that the price reduces drastically in just a few months. So, it makes no sense to fish out a thousand dollars for a phone that will be selling at half the cost in a few months from now. Technology is what makes a Smartphone sell like hot cakes. If a Smartphone can provide mind-blowing technological capabilities, people don’t mind spending, as long as it doesn’t break their bank. Meanwhile, Google has joined the list of elite Smartphone producers like Samsung and Apple with its brand-new Flagship release the Google Pixel XL. As much as the ads look appealing, Google’s foray into the smartphone market is exciting because everybody loves Google and everybody is sick of iPhone’s endless releases.
However, the major head-turner is not the Google Pixel but the OnePlus 3T that’s launching with a bang with almost all the features the Google Pixel boasts of, at half the price of the latter. Awesome, you say? You will be even more awed when you hear who emerges as the winner between the insanely popular OnePlus company’s Flagship threat against tech giant Google’s sophisticated new entry into the smartphone market. The OnePlus 3T has officially released in India and the OnePlus 3T launch date is set at 12:01 am IST on the 14th of December when it will be available for purchase from Amazon.
Now, to review and compare the Google Pixel XL and the OnePlus 3T specs, we will consider the most important features deemed essential in a modern smartphone and the pricing, of course. You will find the best Google Pixel XL and OnePlus 3T Reviews on sites like gsm arena and the likes.
Google Pixel XL OnePlus 3T
Storage 32GB/128GB 64GB/128GB
Camera 12.3MP Rear/8MP Front 16MP Rear/16MP Front
Battery 3450mAh 3400mAh
Weight 5.93oz 5.57oz
Now these top specs are the most basic and most in-demand features among smartphone users. The OnePlus 3T looks like the clear winner except for the Battery of course, where it is only 50 mAh behind the Google Pixel XL. But, what if I told you that the OnePlus 3T has a special Dash Charge feature of 30 minutes that renders it capable of lasting an entire day. When Google was asked about this, they said that the Pixel XL will work for 7 hours straight on a quick charge of 7 hours. On the Battery backup front, looks like the two phones are on equal footing. Anyway, the other specs show the OnePlus 3T smartphone to be better.
The OnePlus is also found to have a slimmer and sleeker design than the Pixel XL. Performance is almost neck to neck even with the larger RAM and Internal Storage of the OnePlus 3T. Another difference between the two phones is that the Pixel runs on Android 7.0 Nougat while the OnePlus comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I know it sounds like Pixel has it made but the OnePlus also has an Oxygen OS skin that again brings them both to equal footing. The latest version of Android is obviously better of the two and Pixel has all the latest Android features like Quick Settings and adjustable icon sizes.
So, what then makes the Pixel XL worth the extra cost?
OnePlus 3T smartphone expected price is around $499 and Google Pixel XL is anywhere between $700-$800. I know what you’re thinking. Whatever Google has to offer, better be worth every dime.
What makes the Google Pixel XL worth its price can be summed into the following three features:
• Excellent Display and Resolution:
Google has a higher display resolution of 1440×2560 compared to OnePlus 3T’s 1080×1920. So, Google wins with its Quad HD display easily.
• Camera:
While it may seem like the OnePlus cameras are better, Google has 1.55-micron sensor pixels, phase and laser detection auto-focus and electronic image stabilization. It also has HDR+ shooting mode that delivers pure, brilliant photos.
• Brand Value:
Now, although OnePlus has made a name for itself in a very short while for producing excellent phones and for giving full value for money, you have to admit that it’s no Google! People who love to splurge on nothing but the best brands on the market will not buy the OnePlus 3T smartphone.
But for the rest, OnePlus 3T is the best option because it’s affordable and comes with all the amazing features of Pixel. The OnePlus 3T price is the biggest selling point of all. Looks like Google’s big dreams for a Flagship success isn’t going down too well with the masses. But as they say, to each his own!

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